South Dakota / California Floods & Cooling

Peak season is approaching for natural disasters, floods and all types of building destruction. It’s unfortunate, but there is no way to prevent mother nature from striking, all you can really do is prepare for it.

In other cases, wear and tear does happen to pipes inside of a building over a period of time. As the seasons change it’s almost inevitable that there will be some expansion and contraction of your plumbing. In this case, depending on if you live in a house you own or a house you rent. You able to replace or maintain your pipes whenever you want to prevent and minimize your chances of broken pipes.

South Dakota

South DakotaIf you live in Ramona, Sioux Falls or Rapid City, South Dakota, you probably experience an increase of restoration cases during the spring and winter crossover. Finding a fast and qualified team is essential with this type of emergency and it’s important to contract a company that will not only do an excellent job of extraction and repair, but also mold clean up and more if needed.


CaliforniaIf you live in California, then you probably experience a lot of water damage Santa Monica, California in the spring and during the winter (or winter months). Much is the same in other places through Cali. Have you seen the water damage Santa Clara, CA has been producing as well? You would be greatly surprised at how much it has accumulated.

Other Locations

Some other notable high risk locations for water and mold remediation / clean up include Oregon. There are quite a few places that are vulnerable such as; Gresham, Hillsboro & West Linn. Get more info on the weather and what to expect from these locations below.